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We never realized how important it was to wake up and start focusing on our chakras. Basically, our bodies have points of concentrated energy which, whether in balance or not in balance, effect everything from mood to physical and mental health. Just like a knot in the neck, if it isn’t unblocked and if the energy can’t flow freely, there is pain.

First, we needed to recognize each individual chakra.

The Lills Chakras

The Root Chakra is at the base, located at the base of the spine and represents survival. We like to use jump ropes, do jumping jacks and walk barefoot outside to feel grounded and focus on our root chakras.

The Sacral Chakra comes next, located two inches below the belly button and represents sexuality. Alongside sex, we exercise and massage each other’s pelvic areas to stimulate circulation and give focused/nonsexual attention to our sacral chakras.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the upper abdomen and represents power and self-worth. We focus on lightly exercising our cores to build strength and regularly focus on opening up our solar plexus chakras.

The Heart Chakra is located at above the heart and represents love, of course. Breathing, slowing everything down inside and listening to the heart beat opens up the heart chakra. We take time out of every day to stop and breathe.

The Throat Chakra is located at the throat and represents communication. We decided to start singing and recording our conversations together regularly to build our voice and sound and it feels so good.

The Third Eye Chakra is located between the two eyebrows and represents intuition and enlightenment. Our favorite way to open up our third eyes is to go to beautiful and peaceful places where we can be surrounded by nature. We sit indian-style, with our backs straight, breathe in the air, take in the views, close our eyes, look within and open up our pineal gland. The pineal gland is the gateway to the higher-self and higher realms.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and represents spirituality and connectedness. We enjoy waking early before the sun has yet to come up fully, so we can sit in stillness, breathe, meditate and open up our crown chakras. After a few times, we found our experiences during the day transformed into much better days with more clarity, motivation and connectedness than before.

There is so much information when it comes to chakras that it can become overwhelming or make some think it’s something they can’t do or access. It makes us wonder why we aren’t being taught this important knowledge at school. If you want to know what it feels like to have your energy aligned, also try acupuncture. When we tried it, we walked in feeling okay and left feeling clean, clear and very energetically tired. After some nice rest, we rose feeling energetically awakened, clear minded and light as a feather. More and more people are coming across this important information regarding our spiritual bodies, energy and how to use it. Enjoy our meditation post here.


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