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When we married in 2010, we rented a tiny little one-bedroom cottage on a 15 acre farm in South Carolina. We literally crossed the threshold with nothing but the clothes on our backs, all so that we could simplify life and start our marriage on a fresh plate. We were really lucky to have a weekly farmers market that was held on the property, because it allowed us to fill our fridge and cabinets with locally grown produce and really healthy snacks. We worked closely with food purveyors from our area and very quickly, our food choices began to change.

We started to look a little closer at our food, realizing we hadn’t even thought about where the ingredients in our meals were coming from, how the food was being handled or processed and the repercussions we’d face if we didn’t make the change. We grew up being fed scientifically altered food, but we couldn’t blame our parents, they didn’t know any better. It was time that we get educated and take action on our own.

Whole Food Plant Based Diet Transition | The Lills

In most areas of Europe, food products legally have to be labeled if they contain GMO (genetically modified organisms). This isn’t true in the U.S., where words on the back of products like “natural ingredients” represent a wide range of processed sweeteners, lab-produced flavors and colors, additives and preservatives. “All-natural”, “natural flavors”, “gluten-free” and other trendy words speak out to customers, but they often don’t go past the words and look at the ingredients lists where there are tons of horrible ingredients still in the products. No, having a bite of processed food won’t kill you, but eating a variety of it over long spans of time will deteriorate your health and make you more susceptible to disease. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other deathly conditions can all be a direct result of bad eating habits.

Even the fruits and vegetables are being altered to last longer and supply the demand. We learned that store bought tomatoes are majorly picked green, put into tanks of methane gas and layered with wax before being shipped to your local grocer. This means even a vegetarian going to the store is consuming chemicals and in many cases, GMO. A good simple rule is that if the fruit or vegetable doesn’t rot in a few days (as it should), think twice about eating it. Longer shelf-life is good for the producer, not the consumer.

When we visited a local orange producer in Florida, he said he doesn’t even eat his own product because the government forces him to use harmful chemicals and pesticides. He said that the state is actually moving more toward producing peaches and blueberries, which blew our minds. Our own parents have spoken about the way fruit, like the orange, has changed flavor and doesn’t taste like it used to.

One of the worst parts about GMO, is that if even a strain of GMO flies in the air, lands in a family-owned farm’s field and is found, the farm is either quickly bought out or sued by big corporations. Big food and chemical companies, use these techniques to shut down the good guys and control the seed production (the world’s food supply). If they control the seed, they control the food and the people. Farms who have been in operation for generations are being eliminated for not accepting GMO and not many people are aware of it. So far, one company already owns and controls up to 90% of the world’s seed. Scary, right? It is up to us as individuals to stop supporting them and make better choices for ourselves and our families.

Whole Food Plant Based Diet Transition | The Lills

We learned that 80% of all American grocery store food is genetically modified and that this may become the first time in two centuries that the current generation of children in the U.S. may have shorter life spans than their parents. Read the Article

For over two months straight in 2012, we said goodbye to all processed food and beverages, packaged food items, alcohol, fast-food, restaurants and more, so that we were strictly consuming seasonal fresh fruit, hearty salads, grains, a variety of locally grown vegetables and water. Instead of three heavy meals and snacks for the day, we’d eat as we were hungry, little bits at a time, kicking our metabolisms back into gear and rewiring our bodies back to their natural states. We spent more time in the kitchen than ever before and we created a new relationship with our food.

The Lills Treat Days and Our Transition to a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet | Food

Each week we’d crown a day “Treat Day”, which at first meant to us “GO ALL OUT Day”. As we continued to eat organic, fresh, local food, our treat day choices began to change. All of a sudden the ice cream didn’t look as scrumptious, fries looked and tasted nothing like the potatoes from the local farm and candy wasn’t even a thought. Instead, we found great joy getting in the kitchen and creating incredible substitutes for our favorite bites. Check out some of our recipes here!

We realized we had been looking at the food from the outside, tasting and believing the unnatural flavors and processes. With the changes we made, our energy increased, pains and aches vanished, we lost weight with no exercise and everything became clear. Earth produced the best food on Earth from the get-go. Humans, as usual, just took control and altered the psychology and physicality of it all.

One of the most important things we learned was about how a man named Max Gerson proved no disease can exist in the body if you create an alkaline state by consuming alkaline foods. Diet change is the key to everyone’s health and wellness, but it is illegal for doctors in the U.S. to tell their patients food is the cure-all and can heal you from the inside out. Pharmaceutical companies make so much money on drugs that have harmful side effects. They would hate for you to find out the truth. We know (thank goodness) through experience that once we moved our bodies into an alkaline state, we very quickly felt better, acted better, lost weight, and became naturally energized.

Today, we do a good job at steering clear of meat, junk and fried food, refined sugar, soda and other highly processed foods, as we transition to a completely whole foods, plant-based diet. While traveling cross-country in our VW bus, we have had a wonderful time bringing whole foods (fruit, veggies, salads, grains, etc.) with us and we continue to eat small bites throughout each travel day.

We have had a few more treat days than we expected, while visiting super cool destinations across America, but we have not eaten at one fast-food restaurant during our entire trip. The video below is a great example of why it can be easy to say goodbye to fast-food and other food that is bad for our well-beings. It explains the number one fast food chain in America has to de-gas their potatoes, before they can dub them “safe for consumption”. Yikes!

Hopefully more people will wake up to the truth behind their food and the demand will continue to rise for non-GMO, local and organic. We first, have to do right by ourselves for them to listen and even if they don’t listen, we can still choose to support the purveyors out there, who are working diligently to provide unaltered, whole food and plant-based food options. We can grow our own food, know where it is coming from and become responsible for our individual and collective future.

Our goal, now that fast-food and other harmful foods are in our past, is to stick to our one treat day a week, continue to curb our cravings with healthier alternatives and work toward a completely processed-food-free diet. It is not an overnight thing, but the transition is an exciting one. By transitioning back to food unaltered, we can all get back in-tune energetically, keep ourselves from disease and enjoy happy, long-lasting lives. 🙂


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