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It’s not often you see a cat on a leash, or sticking it’s head out of a window going 55mph up the freeway in a 1978 VW bus, but for Squishy Cat, it’s just part of life. Ever since Squishy walked up to us that fateful day in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, he has lived the life of a traveling cat. He has covered thousands of miles across the United States with his doggy copilot, Sunday, and they have seen a lot of sights.


We’ve heard many say that traveling with cats isn’t possible, or that a cat could never get accustomed to a leash, but Squishy and others out there are showing us just how capable cats are of enjoying life on the road.


Along our adventures, he has made canine and feline friends, hiked through miraculous natural wonders, enjoyed the warmth of campfires and slept under the stars. He’s seen bears and coyotes, exchanged belly growls with mountain cats, played in the snow, ascended to 11,000 feet above sea level and sun bathed at the beach. Not to mention, he’s also gotten to stay at some pretty snazzy hotels and homes across the nation.


This is a little background on Squishy Cat. When he was just a kitten, no more than a pound or two, we assumed he was a she and we named her Scotia. It wasn’t until we reached Santa Fe, New Mexico, that we realized his gender and so, “she” became “he”. We kept the name Scotia, but he quickly adopted the nicknames Squish, Squishy or Squishy Cat.

Traveling Cat and Dog | The Lills

After coming aboard, Scotia’s preferences began to appear. Those being, the dashboard is his preferred spot while driving, the upper popup bed is for sleeping and whoever is in the passenger seat, had better roll the window down and let some breeze go through those whiskers.

Cat On The Dashboard | Traveling Kitty | The Lills

We noticed certain calls developed for “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty” and “I’ve got to do my business”. Using the bathroom outdoors came very natural to Squish, but we found puppy pads were a great backup for his uncontrollable urges in the early months. One of the funnier things we’ve seen him do is actually use a toilet, properly. No kidding.

Sleeping Cat Black and White | The Lills

Being outdoors is a big part of our days, so a good harness is essential for a traveling cat. After donating his pink one, once we discovered he was a boy, we found a nice soft neoprene harness for small dogs that worked perfectly.

Traveling VW Bus Cat | Colorado Winter | The Lills

Starting him very young on a leash made it part of life, but people are still amazed by this little cat strutting his stuff down the street. Tree climbing and fence climbing are still hobbies of his, but with the leash and harness, we’re able to limit his distance and still let him have fun.

Bus Life Travel Cat | The Lills

He’s walked across deserts, forests, frozen lakes, streets and beaches in that harness and we have to say, it has been awesome out here on the road with our traveling cat!

Cat On A Leash | Cross-country Kitty | The Lills

See more of Scotia on our photo page and read more about how this little kitty joined our team here!


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