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Not too long ago, humans relied solely on what Earth provided. They found food, water, shelter and made use of what was available. Then along came man-made creations, the invention of money and the invention of advertising.

Poof, humans began relying heavily upon what government, commerce and industry provided. Some people began taking more than they needed and somehow people turned their focus away from energy, spirituality and mindfulness. It became about want instead of need, even if it meant others would suffer. People were applauded for their new ideas, inventions and products, which meant more convenience for man and more trash, pollution and trouble for Earth.

Later on in history, a man named Edward Bernays appeared and became a pioneer in propaganda and public relations. He understood advertising and psychology could be used to control the mass through materialism, ego and vanity, which still rings true today.

The Invention of Advertising | The Lills

Media, material and ego had a huge influence on us without us recognizing it when we were growing up. We were lucky enough to wake up in our later years and make the change. The two of us reorganized life, got rid of our television, went minimal, turned off the radio, ignored the news and said no to retail shopping. We finally understood how enjoyable life could be without all of the distractions, bad influences and stuff.

When we said “I Do” in 2010, we started a small design business and decided to do things a little differently. Although we could have relocated to a big city and sold our skills to big companies for big bucks, we felt it was best to move to a small town, offer an affordable service and be a big fish in a small pond. Ultimately, we were interested in using our talents to help small businesses, mom and pop shops and environmentally sound companies, not the big boys who rule our world.

Half of the human population on Earth is supposedly living on fifty cents to a dollar a day, which is partly due to cheap labor and cheap production overseas. The smaller percent of the population needs workers who can survive on almost nothing, so big companies can make bigger profits. It is not humane, but most people are unaware of what really goes on behind persuasive advertising and big brand operations. If everyone could turn their attention to appreciating the little things in life, instead of accumulating more stuff, maybe, just maybe, we could see balance restored among human beings and in nature.


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