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by | 2017 | The Lills, VW Bus

Our pup Sunday loves Moksha, our VW Bus. So much in fact, we think she’s convinced it’s hers and we humans are simply here to drive her around. It had been in and out of the mechanic shop as we worked on making it bullet proof and each time it returned she showed a burst of excitement and jumped in.

The Lills | Sunday The VW Bus And I

Although the bus is very large and there are many places Sunday could sit back and enjoy the ride, one of her favorite spots is on the lap of who’s ever riding as passenger (we take turns driving). She loves sticking her nose out the window.

The Lills | Sunday in a VW Bus

After years of working towards making our business mobile, we finally were able to let Sunday know she was going to embark on an amazing adventure. We are so lucky to have such a great companion and are truly excited for her to be part of the experience.