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We recently read some spiritual information regarding sex and the coming together of two souls. Supposedly (and it makes sense), when we have sex, we’re not just coming together physically, but also spiritually. We leave impressions on one another and the closer and more we interact, the deeper the impressions and connections become. Each one of us has the choice to create many impressions with various other souls or instead, build a deep relationship and connection with one soul.

The problem with making this choice is most of us weren’t born and taught the spiritual perspective of sex, just the animalistic kind. You know, the expected, non-connected, animalistic, get-off-sex that is always being portrayed in television, advertisements and movies? That kind of sex is quite transparent once you’ve experienced being emotionally, spiritually and physically connected with your mate. It takes finding someone you can truly connect with to realize and experience the other realms of what sex can be.

Spiritually Connected Sex | Two Souls | The Lills

We spend all of our time together, which keeps our communication and the connection between us strong and ongoing. The more we work on our spiritual bodies together, the more we are able to communicate clearly and touch one another on deeper levels, even sometimes without speaking, gesturing or physically touching. Energy is everything.

When we had sex for the first time together, we experienced a spiritual kind of love-making that felt so natural and unlike anything promoted through the media. Not to say that in our early years we didn’t experiment quite a bit together, but it was when we said “I Do” that our sexual relationship really developed into an even more heightened spiritual and physical experience.

We said goodbye to masturbation and pornography, which heightened our senses and allowed us to begin an ongoing discovery process, where each time, we grow closer together and get to know one another more deeply, physically and spiritually. After twelve years, we still can’t get enough of each other.

We’ve gotten to know each other so well in fact, that all the walls seem to disappear when we’re together, even when we’re not being intimate. We built our lifestyle so that we could work together, be together and stay connected and act as one. The stronger we become spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically connected, the stronger a couple we become in all areas of our life. We hope more couples can come together spiritually, not just physically or emotionally, so that we can build stronger families and communities to better this Earth and our time on it.


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