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In today’s world, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Television, movies, magazines, books, products, advertising, the news, the internet, governments and most of the people around us, teach by example that lying is okay and even cool or funny. Taking shortcuts, deceit, falseness, cheating, manipulating, dishonesty, trickery, hurting others and fighting is promoted left and right. The constant flow of negativity and wrong-doings conducted in the media and everyday life only encourages more of those behaviors in us and our neighbors.

Money and competition are the names of the game and modern day man hasn’t woken up or evolved far enough to find his/her moral compass. The two of us took notice of our own bad behaviors and we came to understand that we had spent most of our lives accepting the bad, participating in the bad and even creating bad. The more we were made to believe that it was okay to act without care, the less care we found in our reality.

We realized that we had spent far too much time with people who had no care for our well-being or their own, people who lied to us and/or inflicted more drama in our lives and people who didn’t enrich our lives with good energy. It was time for us to choose friends more wisely. We remembered how we used to go to places that fed off of negative vibrations and made money off of our blindness. It was time for us to go to more meaningful places, travel more and see more. Even some of the jobs we had taken in the past had asked us to perform negative actions, like taking advantage of others for profit, which seems to be a common trend in most industries. It was time to jump off the ladder and start our own business.

Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act

When we began operating on a level of awareness, truth and care, the result was life-changing. We saw so many of our frustrations fall to the wayside, just by being true to ourselves, true to each other, true to others and by being more positive and more mindful. Learning to make choices with awareness became motivating, good things began to happen to us and we started to attract more love, peace and happiness in our life.

The two of us are not perfect and we will always have things that will need adjusting, but we feel like now, we know better than before. We have seen and experienced the beauty that comes from the simple equation of choosing, acting and speaking the truth. The promotion of evil is everywhere, but we don’t have to buy in or participate anymore. Instead, we can all cleanse our souls by telling, exercising and advocating truth.


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