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One of the most rewarding changes we’ve made was becoming aware of our mindfulness. When life had us moving at a fast pace, we were working for the man and stress was high. It was easy to charge through life, not recognizing our behaviors and actions along the way. Speeding through and trying to beat the clock had life passing us by quickly.

When we changed our lifestyle, began working together and for ourselves, time slowed down. It became much easier to recognize how little care was going into the little things. Rather than quickly driving out of our home, throwing gas into the car and getting sh*t done, with no care for anything else, we instead began waking up, taking the time to let our bodies stretch and ease into the morning. We began giving each other more love, touch and closeness waking up, because we made the time to do so. We now strolled into the gas station, greeted the cashier, got into conversations with other passerby’s and gave care to each and every moment.

We learned being mindful created an equation. When and where we gave care, we were given care almost always. Before we were so focused on the outcome, instead of the journey and we were missing opportunities to create joy. By just being pleasant, kind and mindful, we saw it reflect in the lives of others. We like to think of it as a mirrored effect.

Mindfulness meditation is recognized as a form of cognitive therapy. It allows one to become self-aware and realize their own choice to operate at positive or negative vibrations, to learn detachment and to learn intention and self-motivation. Mindfulness meditation supposedly creates new folds in the brain, regulates emotions and combats depression.

Practicing Mindfulness | Positivity | The Lills

Thinking and acting positively makes us and the ones around us happier, more open and free. It becomes addictive and infectious. People began referring to us as “the happy people” and we were always asked “why are you so happy?”. That’s the beautiful thing. When we simplified our life, came together and began practicing the power of mindfulness, the magic we remembered as children was restored.

Being in the now is truly something we remember being so easy to do as children. It came naturally, but over time, we were distracted from our knowing. We were made to question, told to fear, plan and get ready. One day we woke up and we had crossed over to adulthood and every day became less fun and fulfilling. Time sped up and before we knew it we were in over our heads with layers of worry. The moment we agreed to let it all go and start fresh though, it clicked.

Mindfulness is the key to many of our challenges. It’s been wonderful to see how great an effect it has on others. The amazing thing is that mindfulness changes the all of our daily occurrences, where if we get mad or demonstrate negativity, we only create more of it. It doesn’t matter how big or little the task or situation is, positivity and mindfulness is what we try to choose.


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