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It’s absolutely amazing, how every night we leave our bodies in a state of paralysis and travel through an aether of mystery. Hours later, poof, we return in the morning to yet another day of earthly experience. It’s like being reborn each day.

The unfortunate part is that it seems like everyone gets up, gets dressed, forgets how special their “I Am” is, and gets in line.

What if we were born, opened our eyes and actually appreciated the beauty of our design? What if each day, we got to work on manifesting a better future? What if we were surrounded by others with the same common goal? Do we need to learn to live, or do we need to live to learn? Perhaps an out of body experience can set things straight.

The Lills | Out Of Body Experience

An event struck us to change our ways and use our time more wisely. It was an experience that happened just a few years ago. After a long, stressful day and a long hot shower, one of us saw white light and fell into the arms of the other. There was no heartbeat or sign of life.

The experience was like separating the “I am” from the physical body/container/vehicle/vessel. Years of earthly experience, pressure, memories, aspirations, directions and wear & tear had been sent one direction and the “I am” remained. With no physical body to express outwardly, joy, relief and ecstasy were the only feelings that remained.

The one of us who had left their body was having a good ol’ time, whereas the person who was in the bathroom, trying to resuscitate the other, was calmly panicking and staying focused. It took longer than desired, but it was as though a switch was turned on from the inside. The body and soul connected back and life was restored.

It was birth-like, with bright light and the confusion of being in a body. Exiting life and coming back into reality, was exactly what we needed. It verified the separation of body and self, that “I am” existed without the container. It verified, in ourselves, a greater purpose and reason to be here.

To the few we have shared this knowledge with personally, three people felt comfortable enough to share their own stories with us. One man was electrocuted and lucky to be alive. He too experienced great joy, being out of his body. A woman told us she blacked out while driving, hit water barrels, crossed three lanes of oncoming traffic and woke up to someone who told her what happened. She insisted something was in control of her car, guiding her to safety, while she was out her of body.

The most interesting story told to us, was from a man who was kicked in the ribs by a horse. He was rushed to the hospital, fell into a coma and somehow was able to overhear and remember two doctors talk about an old car they loved. When the man went back to the hospital, weeks later for physical therapy, he asked them how the Chevelle was doing and they were stunned! He also described a nearby steel mill to some nurses perfectly, from front to back and he had never even been there before! He says he floated through the mill and could see everything, clear as day.

Near death and out of body experiences seem to happen more often than we think. The woman who blacked out while driving said she doesn’t tell anybody, in fear they’ll think she’s a kook. We think, the more people that speak openly about their experiences, the more we’ll wake up to what’s really happening.


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