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In America, most children are born and almost immediately after, their parents leave them and head back to work. The time apart certainly does add up. So much so, we can’t expect anyone to know what love is or how to express it. It isn’t taught in school and it’s a topic that is most often seen in fictitious literature and media, often filled with tragedy. We’re instead taught to buy new homes, cars and material that takes a lot of energy and focus to maintain. It takes energy and focus away from the love and things that should matter most.

When we went minimal, we instantly had more time to relax, do the things we love, be together and enjoy the experience. We found that by being and working together 24-7/365, we grew a stronger bond and were able to manifest our dreams more quickly. Work, love and life melted into one simple life with big adventures.

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Adults who get married (to be together), tend to spend the majority of their relationships physically apart most of each day. They wake up, say goodbye, go to work and return home at the end of each work day, fill each other in and repeat. This is not enough quality time or love to keep most fires alive and it’s no surprise divorce rates are through the roof. Money seems to be the priority, even though it can’t buy love.

In order to have love in our lives, we must first love ourselves. We must love our unique souls, our unique bodies, flaws and great traits. We must treat others the way we want to be treated, even if they’re not ready to man up and do the same. Then we must look at those we surround ourselves with. Do they provide the same care, love and positive energy you provide and want in your reality?

The two of us spend all of our time together, doing the things we love. We keep communication between our family and clients and enjoy meeting wonderful souls along our way. We only have a few close friends, who completely understand and support us and our unique lifestyle. Having fewer people that we spend time with, makes the time we do spend with others more valuable. We help guide each other, we send each other positive energy and love, we talk about wonderful and inspiring things and most importantly, we have gotten to know each of them more closely since we said goodbye to the social scene. We’ve found less is more in more than one way.

Even when it comes to material belongings, we purposefully have very little. Each piece has great meaning and great use in our life. Downsizing, de-cluttering and organizing material frees up the mind, as there becomes less to think about, it’s amazing. When closeness, working together and understanding one another’s perspectives becomes a priority, love flourishes.

We’ve heard from people who dedicated their lives to making money. They bought the big houses, filled all the rooms with stuff, purchased expensive toys, traveled the world and all the meanwhile were never really happy or satisfied with life. It took time and a lot of energy, but some of them figured out that spending money on material was keeping them from love.

It’s as though the more we have, the more we mask over our true raw selves. Would we rather hear “Oh yeah, The Lills have that kick butt boat” or “Oh yeah, The Lills inspired me to stop working nine to five and start my own business“? Together we shifted our focus from egotistical wants and needs, to seeing the joy in giving back, helping others, sharing and being a positive example.

It isn’t easy going up against an engineered and false depiction of love and happiness that is downloaded into each person through television, movies and the news. Media is mostly fear based, negative, revolves around consumerism and portrays the illusion that money, material and fame will make you happy. Unfortunately, those things don’t provide love. We may love those new shoes, but they don’t love us back and they won’t attract true love. Again, in order to have love in our lives, we must first love ourselves, then we can experience the true magic of love on an even greater level.

The more we have let go of material, eliminated distractions, said no to the things that came in between our joy and extinguished the drama, the happier we’ve become. We’ve found that by giving out positive energy, with no desire for anything in return, good energy comes back to us in other forms. It’s as though we have a positive bank and a negative bank and it’s our job to make sure our hard work, time and energy goes toward the better things in life.

The more time we spend together, the better we understand and love each other for who we are. We’d recommend anyone looking for love or happiness to try out minimalism, by removing the layers of false identity (material) and to try to get to know oneself, bare-bones and without things. For us, it became a game changer and rocketed us toward an exciting future with less stuff and more love, happiness and adventure!


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