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Have you ever heard of NLP? It was designed in the seventies by two men working on techniques to change behavior through the understanding of human psychology, language, neurology and programming. To this day this science is used in marketing, advertising, politics and the media.

Some people use it in a very negative way, some positive and others use it as a strategy or tool in business to influence customers. When a person gets really good at NLP, they can use it to sneak past other’s conscious resistance using methods through the training. They’re able to influence people without them realizing it. They can get others to believe, submit and buy in without their conscious being aware of the psychological tricks being played.

NLP can be used on one person, a group and even masses. It’s a multi-dimensional science and takes research and practice to comprehend. Some people consider Nuero-Linguistic Programming as mind control. The word “programming” kind of says it all, but in any case it is super interesting.

Neuro Linguistic Programming | What is NLP

We’re like computers, with a brain that records and stores information. We compute information back into the world and through experience learn more as we go. If you understand the patterns of behavior and the brain, the way in which words can be used to influence a conversation or message and observe the workings of NLP in action, you’ll see how silently powerful it is.

If you get really into it, you’ll start to learn how to recognize people’s behaviors based on their eye movement, body language and choice of words. You’ll be able to control, naturally, your own eye movement, body language and choice of words to move conversations in the direction of your liking. Techniques are used to target behaviors and mimic the person you’re talking to by speaking at their speed and tone of voice, mirroring linguistic patterns and body movements. It’s about getting the person or people to drop their guard and become comfortable. This is where we stop and many others choose to begin the manipulation stage.

Some people can perform NLP to a tee, so they even know the right moment to touch the other person, psychologically binding the trust further. Using one technique after the other, they can get others to do things without asking outright by using trances and mind games. This is all because the brain is easily programmable.

The funny thing is, we’ve also heard of people using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to treat issues like depression and trouble learning. It is a complex thing, but something we feel more people should be aware of so they too can read between the lines and recognize the NLP occurring around them. There is a world of information online on the subject and it is totally worth diving into head first.


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