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We always wanted a simple life with big adventures, so when we picked up our VW bus, we immediately named him Moksha. It represents our dream of living for the experiences, instead of material, money or fame. There is a sense of universal support that comes with giving, thinking positively and being kind to ourselves, one another and others.

Moksha is the state of non-ego, which rids us of the “me” inside and allows us to truly be in the now. Letting go of distractions, judgement and the material world, gives us the ability to absorb the moment (without thought) and experience truth. Indian and Hinduism philosophy consider Moksha to be a cycle from death to rebirth and they classify it as the ultimate life goal. When a person gives up material desires, becomes involved socially, becomes self-aware, serves mankind, finds peace and enlightenment on this plane, they can pass away and leave this reality, carrying good energy with them onto the next path.

We’ve found great joy learning the perspective of one-ness, which looks at everything and everyone as a whole and connected. Through Moksha we’ve learned compassion, forgiveness, mindfulness, loving one’s self, loving each other, loving everyone else and loving this gift we call life.

Moksha | The Lills Inspiration

The more we appreciate the basics (that we can eat, drink water, sleep, that we have shelter, healthy bodies and each other), the less we want or need and the more free we feel and actually are. We have become more capable and empowered with so little and it makes us want to share this ticket to happiness with everyone!

Going after things that enable the ego only hurts ourselves and everyone else. A few having a lot and a lot having a little is a cycle that can only be changed by a change of desire within everyone. Instead of going after things for “self”, going after things for the better of all would reverse our issues. Half of the world lives on fifty cents to a dollar a day. Knowing that makes us feel very capable, with very little.

We also named our VW bus, Moksha, as a reminder to stay consciously aware and continue to rid ourselves of projections, attachments, ego and other negative energies. It is really amazing to feel it work within oneself, as well as see it work outwardly. The more we live in the now, the less we want or need and the more satisfying each day becomes. Get to know Moksha a little better here!


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