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by | 2017 | Inspiration, The Lills

Before moving into our first house as a married couple, we discussed our many possible futures and the things we’d like to manifest in our life. We decided to hold the same picture in our minds, of a horse in our backyard and a VW bus to putt around in.

Two weeks after our conversation, we went to check out the first house that caught our eye in an ad. We drove down an old plantation road that opened up to a 15 acre farm. We were floored when we pulled up…lo and behold, there was a horse in the backyard and a VW bus parked in front! We couldn’t believe our eyes. What we pictured, poof, came to life!

The Lills Manifestation

It seemed as though, when we were little, if we could dream it, we could make it happen. Manifestation was a byproduct of our active imaginations and when we thought clearly enough about something, it tended to appear in our reality, as if by magic. We were much better at it when we were younger and when we were more in-tune with ourselves, but we continue to work on manifesting together and have seen our abilities grow stronger over time.

By removing distractions, minimizing our belongings, organizing our time and honing our focus, we were able to begin manifesting the lifestyle that we had envisioned: A Simple Life With Big Adventures.

A year after moving into the little house on the farm, we were gifted with a horse, who enjoyed the back yard pasture and in 2013 we acquired our very own VW bus camper!

We feel the key to manifestation is being able to close our eyes and experience what it would feel like to have what it is we’d like to appear. If we can feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it and see it in our minds, we can create a more complete picture. It’s important to be detail oriented, but not to overthink it. Then we send the picture off with the wind and let go of the idea completely, so it can come back like a boomerang, exactly when it’s meant to. The timing of it’s arrival is always delightfully perfect!


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