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Most humans these days begin life in a box, they live in a box, they go to school in a box, they usually work in a box and then they die and are often put in a box. It makes us wonder why we’re on such a gorgeous planet if everyone likes boxes so much. We might as well live on space ships and let the animals and Mother nature have their planet back.

Life In Boxes | The Lills Inspiration

In America, youngins leave the home and head straight to day care or school, where they spend their youth being prepared to work, not live. They look to each other for answers because let’s face it, the educational system just doesn’t teach many life skills (how to love one’s self, how to love one another, how to build a life or how to build a family, etc.) and most parent’s aren’t around often enough to guide and look after their children closely. Everyone spends so much time apart.

Children spend more time hooked to electronics and in school, learning to sit still, than they do spending time outdoors or using their imagination. If we stay indoors all of the time, sterilize everything, become scared of harmless animals, spend little time getting to know nature, one another and disconnect, we won’t realize we’ve destroyed the planet until we’re on spaceships waving goodbye, or worse.

America is looked at by many other countries as one big baby, blindly spending money, consuming and polluting, while half the world lives on fifty cents to a dollar a day. The nation and the globe needs to grow up, stop repeating old patterns, make better choices and clean up the planet. Nobody is going to do it for us, we all have to pitch in.

These days, Americans juggle home life, work life, spiritual life, financial life and social life, they have their hobbies, they go out, they eat out, they go shopping and there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. Everyone seems to just move from one box to another. Every box we go into is usually competely thought out from head to toe, so when you walk in, you are moved by what’s inside and stay inside. Like cattle being herded, people are enabled to keep working, keep spending their money and keep the cycle going. So much time, energy and money could be put to better things.

Once the two of us realized this nasty cycle had become our own, we made big changes. We said goodbye to living in a box, working in a box and spending money frivolously in boxes. We also said goodbye to most television shows and movies, mainstream music, retail shopping, we began weaning off eating meat, we got rid of credit cards, we got a cheapo phone, we went minimal and decided to dedicate the remainder of our life to living, loving, learning, traveling, experiencing and sharing.

Since then, we’ve said hello to working for ourselves, traveling, reconnecting to Mother Nature, reconnecting with our fellow man and building our life’s work and life plan. More and more people are starting to take their lives back and redirect their energy to creating a better life for all. We all just have to think and live more outside of the box, so we can disconnect from the illusion and get reconnected to Mother Nature, the Earth and each other.


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