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The two of us were overwhelmed with excitement every single day that it took to get our VW bus geared for our cross-country adventure. We had no fear, just determination. The actual day we headed out however, it sank in rather quickly that we were taking a leap of faith. The two of us reminded one another that we have each other, we have water and food, we have a design business to cover our expenses and a bus to get us to and fro. We remembered, it is up to us to hold the light, stay safe, be smart and keep positive.

The Lills Create Jumping Character

Each obstacle we’ve faced so far has taught us important lessons and we continuously revise how we address life, based on our experiences. Whether it’s running low on funds, running low on patience, running into negative energies, experiencing miscommunication or being faced with technical difficulties, each problem finds a resolution and aids in our understanding of the world around us and the impact we have on it. By letting go of as much fear, frustration and negativity as we can and by believing in ourselves, we have been continuously gifted by the universe. It’s as though it’s been telling us we’re heading in the right direction.

There have been plenty of times we have been without or down to almost nothing on our cross-country adventure. Every time funds run low or we hit a bump in the road, support appears out of nowhere, whether it be knowledge, care or assistance. We have seen far more acts of kindness than we expected along the way and we have interacted with a wide range of people, who all see the possibility of a better life for all. Our trip has restored our faith in humanity and it has given us hope for the future.

Almost every day, we meet someone who has taken a leap of faith in their career, location, relationship or lifestyle and we just love inspiring and being inspired by others. It’s an empowering feeling to know we are all truly in this together. We hope more people will revise their lives, take the leap, go minimal, go after their dreams and let the adventures begin!


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