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Buddhism and Hinduism base the value of a person on what he/she has done in their past and current lives. This is also known as karma, which means “action” in Sanskrit (Indian). The idea is that a person determines their own fate, their own challenges and their own gifts in the next life, based on their actions, thoughts and words in this life.

Good deeds, positive energy, extinguishing the ego, selflessness, love, care and giving, all supposedly contribute to our future happiness. Negative actions, narcissism, hate, cruelty, falseness, lying to one’s self or others, all contribute to bad karma and the results are more challenges and more obstacles in life. It is believed that we are doing everything to ourselves, and we have to realize there is no one to blame but ourselves. We attract positivity by being positive and we attract negativity by being negative.

Karma Delivery | Twelve Laws of Karma | The Lills

The two of us are working on bettering ourselves and we’re also learning to see the positive in others, by choosing to accept everyone for who they are and for the path that they are on. Generations of humans have failed to realize that feeding one’s self more than they need, taking from others blindly, competing, judging each other and wishing bad on others, all slows down our evolution to a higher level of being and experiencing.

Although belief systems, like karma, tend to revolve around the idea of rebirth, the two of us feel good karma today, produces good karma tomorrow and anyone can start at any time. With the concept of cause and effect in mind, we have seen that by choosing to come from a positive place, we more often get positive results. Sometimes, things don’t go the way we like, but we’ve learned, there are life lessons to learn and our reactions are as important as our actions.

When we choose to not react or choose solution based thinking, so much stress and negative energy falls to the way side. When we are negative or react without thinking things through, we add fire to the fire and we see the negative results. This simple equation to life is the most basic system we can use to navigate this journey and it is the basis of most religions (positive/negative, good/bad, heavenly/evil, light/dark, etc.).

With every action comes a positive or negative reaction. If we remember that each choice we make (great or small) has an effect on ourselves and the world around us, then we can choose to create better domino effects in our own and each others lives. For us, it took reorganizing our life, choosing friends wisely, taking a leap of faith and choosing happily ever now over happily ever after.

Whether you want to call it karma or not, there is an equation to life, that when practiced, can completely transform and elevate a person’s experience here. Rather than looking or searching for something to fill our voids, wanting or desiring something more, trying to live up to something or someone else, we are learning that it is an inside job and completely up to us to dream up and create our reality and experiences here.

It turns out, anyone can toss out the script that was handed to them or that they picked up along the way and jump onto the karma train. It’s not about doing good things to get good things, it’s knowing that doing the right thing is the best thing for ourselves, each other and the world. We’re learning it just takes doing good to one’s self, doing good to others, doing good to the environment and doing good each and every day. See the 12 Steps To Better Karma below!

12 Steps To Better Karma | The Lills

Twelve Steps To Better Karma

Step 1. Cause & Effect / Boomerang – The energy we put out, we will receive back. Be happy to get happiness, be helpful to find assistance, be loving to receive love, etc.

Step 2. Creation – We are the creators of our own realities. Life requires us to make choices internally and externally, which create our reality. Everything that surrounds us shows us what state of being we are in, much like a mirror. It is up to each individual to change their state of being in order to create a different reality.

Step 3. Humility – If we look upon others negativity or as inferior, then we are not evolved and we will continue to be challenged with obstacles that force us to learn humility and choose differently. If we accept that we are not all-knowing, but that we are in a collaborative effort to discover the meanings of life, then we can proceed with a humble nature and change things for the better. Apologizing, forgiving and rising up positively, with mindful actions and compassion, grows humility.

Step 4. Growth – Karmic growth is exponential. Creating a chain of positive, good-doings will vibrate more good-doings out into the aether, affecting many others directly and indirectly. Karma wants us to excel in mindfulness and compassion, it wants us to free ourselves from these destructive cycles and grow through our spiritual ascension.

Step 5. Responsibility – What we see in our lives is a direct reflection of our own energy, thoughts and actions. Being responsible for what we bring into this life is the first step of awareness. We have to accept what we have done, take action and do better to become more responsible in this life.

Step 6. Connection – It’s been said that man did not create the web of life, he is merely a part in it. What he does to the web, he does to himself. We are all connected and a living collaboration of energies. Each action we choose, whether considered insignificant or not, matters and has an affect on this reality.

Step 7. Focus – When one transforms into a moral, connected, evolved and focused spiritual being, negative tendencies like greed, selfishness, fear and anger dissolve. Focus is a skill for removing distractions and habits that enable poor karma.

Step 8. Giving & Hospitality – The act of giving selflessly is fundamental in growing good karmic energy. To give, without expecting anything back and to give without getting, is a building block for karma’s delivery service.

Step 9. Here & Now – Thinking about the past and focusing on what was or could be, takes away from the experience we are having now. Old cycles and patterns, keep us static and inhibit us from experiencing growth. It is up to us to focus on being present and in the now.

Step 10. Change – Patterns will continue to repeat themselves, until we learn what we need to change. Many of the things we don’t like in our lives, will only stop happening to us, when we realize the changes we need to make.

Step 11. Patience & Reward – Be in the now, provide positive energy, project a bright future, but be patient, get through the challenges and you will see great things happen in your life. Patience is a virtue.

Step 12. Significance & Inspiration / Value & Upliftment / Gratitude – Everything we do affects everything as a whole. We must be grateful for such power. Everything we add to or take from in this reality has an affect on everything else. Instilling value in positive karma inspires others to do good, which inspires others to do good and so on.

Things don’t just happen to people, there is a reason for everything, which derives from deeper karmic causes. The two of us know, the more we come from a place of oneness with all things and learn to do to others what we would do to one’s self, the more we find ourselves in lasting states of joy, love, peace, happiness and awareness. We are learning that clarity and empowerment stem from conscious decision-making, focusing inward, forgiving others and accepting responsibility for our actions and reactions in life. By consciously acting with care, kindness and love, we can all embrace karma, raise the vibration on the planet and evolve to a higher purpose.


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