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Did you know olives are considered fruit? Green olives are picked before they are ripe and black olives are picked when ripe. They fight off free radicals in the body, protect the heart, prevent DNA damage and can approve the appearance of wrinkles. They are delicious to eat whole and are wonderful additions to dishes. See some of our olive posts and recipes below!

Favorite Olive Recipe: Coming Soon

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While on our travels, we came across an amazing treat: Orzo. Orzo is a short-cut pasta, which looks like big rice grains. We were unfamiliar with this type of pasta and when we tried it at a little deli, we were blown away. The delicious salad-like mixture contained...


Two avocados sat on the counter staring at us for long enough, so we decided to cream them into a soothing avocado dressing for a kale salad. Before tossing the kale in our dressing, we enjoyed a spoonful and realized we can also use this recipe as a dip. It is that...