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Kale is one of our favorite leafy greens and there are so many varieties to choose from. It’s packed full of antioxidants and nutrients, lowers blood sugar and is being called “the new beef” as it has more iron per calorie compared to beef. It’s even known for having more calcium than cow’s milk. Kale offers fiber, omega fatty acids and boosts the immune system. We just can’t get enough! Enjoy our kale posts and recipes below!

Favorite Kale Recipe: Spiced Kale Chips

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The two of us love the earthy flavors that come from mushrooms, so we cook with them often. One of our favorite things to do is stuff them with yummy ingredients. Stuffed mushrooms make perfect little appetizers and they work well as a side dish too. See our Quinoa...


We love Kale. There are a couple different varieties, all that are packed with super strong anti-cancer properties. When it comes to making Kale Chips, we prefer Lacinato Kale. It has deep roots in Italian cuisine, particularly Tuscany, hence its common name –...