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We met a very interesting man in Colorado who told us some pretty wild things. He said, humans have only believed that the Earth is round for about 500 years and that for thousands of years, civilizations around the world have depicted a flat Earth (see the map image). He said, because of the NASA conspiracy, highly educated folks and everyday people are taking things in to their own hands. People around the world are performing their own common-sense experiments, purchasing high-tech instruments and starting discussions to re-look at whether the Earth is flat or round. Internet trends show it’s becoming a huge topic that is even making mainstream news.

The man we met told us that if we look at the measurement provided for the curvature of Earth (pythagorean theorem), we should all visibly be able to see the curvature of the Earth with our own eyes on large bodies of water or at great heights, but that there’s no sign of a curve, not even at 100,000 feet above sea level.

This was a lot of information to take in and digest and we just weren’t sure of any explanations for these mysteries. We brought up how the two of us, when at the beach, can see a boat head away from shore and disappear into the horizon, as if it is moving below the curve, but he had something to say about this too. He explained that yes, to our eyes, the boat will disappear into the horizon, but if you use a telescope or zoom camera, you can pull the boat right back into view and see it continuing on its course, meaning it didn’t fall below any curve.

He said, architects and engineers don’t account for the supposed curvature of Earth when building expansive railroads and bridges. He showed us a photo of a bridge that did account for the curvature of the Earth in its design. The water beneath it laid perfectly flat and level, while the bridge arched above it, like a rainbow. He said, the bridge is one of hundreds of examples of proofs the Earth is flat.

He also mentioned that pilots on airplanes don’t constantly dip their planes nose down to account for the curvature of the Earth (8 inches per mile squared), nor are planes built to do so on their own. He explained how the Michelson-Morley experiment proved the Earth was not spinning in 1887, which we had never heard of. He said in wars, old and new, they use a flat Earth map to accurately hit targets around the world. He even mentioned the UN’s logo is a flat Earth map.

By this time, we began to question things. The man said the Nile River proves the Earth is flat too. Oh boy. It stretches around 2,400 miles (over 30% of the Earth’s diameter) and according to the supposed curvature of Earth, it would have to ascend over 300 miles and miles of curvature should be measurable. He said we see no curvature across it and if you want to hear more proofs, just do a quick search online. The Flat Earth topic is skyrocketing.

He said, we’ve been indoctrinated with a belief system made to control us and keep us part of an agenda we know nothing about. There is an unfathomable amount of information from around the world, provided by civilizations of the past, all pointing to a flat Earth. Believers of a flat world call themselves Flat Earthers and you’d be surprised at how many there actually are. He explained many of these people are highly educated people with diverse backgrounds who have all been inspired to ask questions, perform experiments and discuss results.

The two of us are not 100% sure whether we’re on a globe floating in space, on a plane of many dimensions in a fixed position or if we’re in a matrix, like a video game or virtual reality. We’ve always questioned things and have been open to the possibilities because all we can work off of is what we’ve been taught and told, what we’ve heard, what we’ve experienced so far, our gut feelings and intuition. We’re just super appreciative to get to be part of whatever this is and we hope to make the best we can with our time here. You never know, a few decades from now everyone might believe the Earth is flat again.


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