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It is always a great pleasure to hear from the people we’ve met along the way, as well as the people who stumble upon us. Please feel free to leave a message and we’ll be sure to get back to you! Peace & Love.

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Just wanted to let you know that I found one of your videos, and I’m hooked. I am dying to see what you do with that GM bus! Keep up the good work and continue being good to each other! Cheers! – Kathy

It’s rare to find genuine people and I would love for others to share in the wealth of profoundness you hold! – Chelsie & Vince from Florida

I am very happy with so many of your recipes. I cook for a few people on a monthly basis and they also love your recipes as well. I am vegan and so are my customers. I was Macrobiotic for 17 years and it nearly killed me eating all that cooked food. I am doing excellent now on a vegan lifestyle. I personally have been eating organically for a little over 50 years now. – Terry

Just happened across your YouTube video and recognized the bus, while on vacation in New Mexico. Then, I happened to be in Colorado and saw your bus from a distance. Being a bus owner myself, I walked out into the street and took a photograph of you two and of course you gave a thumbs up. I just read your story regarding your mishaps, but am glad to read all is well. Thanks for sharing your journey. Peace, love and safe travels! – Jose from California

You guys are amazing, I’m so thankful for crossing paths with people as beautiful inside and out as the two of you. You guys made my day! There’s not enough good people like you two around anymore. With peace and love – Jake from California

Wow!! SO glad we met you today in Morro Bay! Such an inspiration. Where you at now? I’ve had a look through your website and everything you do is awesome! It’s amazing to see the possibilities and to be so inspired! – Elle, Stu and the kids from England

It was fun meeting you and was just wondering if you made it to the Headlands? Hope you and the critters are enjoying yourselves. – Mike from California

Just saw your bus on hwy 101 heading to Monterey. Saw the website and figured you were one of the brave families to travel around share love and your lives with others. God bless you. Stay Safe! – Heather from California

Hey y’all!! This is Jeremy, the guy you bought the bus off of. My friend just told me she spotted you guys in my neck of the woods! I would love to meet up and see what you have done to bus sometime if you are into that?! Happy travels!! – Jeremy (former owner of our VW bus who lived in North Carolina and moved to Cali)

I had a new ‘78 when I was 17 years old. It was white with the same interior colors and wood veneer as you remodeled. I can’t tell you how my heart jumped when I watched your makeover and saw the green plaid and brown wood. OMG, a 17 yr. old boy with this bus and surfboards and all that goes with it… what a flashback. You’ve made my day! – Rick

Hey! I just wanna say that my boyfriend and I met you when you were stuck in Page, AZ last year. We had my border collie with us and we talked outside the hotel for a minute. You gave me a lot of inspiration and now I want to eventually live in a van full time and I still check your website from time to time and I hope all is well. – Jess from Utah

Hello you sweet, sweet souls! I can’t believe how small this grand world seems sometimes! The fact that Alex’s family is from the same suburb in Dallas as us and we met you waaaayyyyy in Page, AZ. I look forward to keeping up with you guys! 🙂 – Kenzie, Kristian, and Bernadette from Texas

I just met you both at Big-O tires in Page, AZ and was thoroughly interested in your story. A “living documentary” about how to live life on life’s terms is a journey that scares the hell out of most of us. Safe travels! – Eric from Arizona

How is the VW Bus? The USA trip was for us amazing and great and we met a lot off nice people. But the most nice people we met at Lake Powel, I believe their name was Lill or something like that 😉 – Gino & Sylvia from the Netherlands

Hello, we are the couple you met in the hotel swimming pool in Sedona! I just watched your video on Sedona and it brought back some great memories. Would love to hear what you guys are up to now and if you remember us! You sure made an impression on us! – Gary and Cheryl from Iowa

So nice to meet you all at Chow Down in Pagosa and share experiences. Hope your kitty likes the treats—very friendly and I adore orange cats. Love your website and all of the joy and wisdom it shares. Thanks for saying “hi” and best wishes to you all for continued safe travels. – James from Colorado

Hi! My kids and I just met you in Pagosa and were all so pleasantly tickled by our meeting, that I had to say ‘hi’. Thanks for sharing your pets, enthusiasm, and business/life path with us. Yes to your adventures! Happy trails to y’all! – Mindy from Colorado

Hey! I live in Pagosa and I love seeing you guys around. My dad talked with you guys, found your Pagosa video and told me about your website. Thank you for brightening my day with your VW bus, puppy and kitty. You guys are really inspiring and I hope to be able to keep up with your travels! – Santina from Colorado

Hey Alex and Lara! I was so lucky to meet you guys in Pagosa. I hope you are okay and having fun! I made it back to Mississippi and am awaiting my next adventure! Maybe we can get together on the road! Cheers! – Paul from Mississippi

Hi new friends, I told my grandson Owen about such luck finding you. He loves it when I spark spontaneous conversations. Today he kept looking for your van! – Joan from New Mexico

It’s Glenn here, the guy you met in East Dallas. Just thinking about you guys, hope the VW is going well and you’re staying cool! – Glenn from New Zealand

I met you guys in New Orleans! Hope you guys are having an awesome day! – Jules from Australia

Thanks for the smiles 😀 safe journeys!  May you bring balance to the all the negative energy with the positive! – Joe from New Orleans

Just thought we would drop you a quick line and say hello. Hope you are doing well on the road and having a wonderful time experiencing life! Good vibes from NOLA to you! – Joseph & Gina from New Orleans

Just saw you guys on 95 and read your story. Safe travels and blessings to you guys! – Jenny

Great chatting with u guys at the gas station. Beautiful pictures on your blog. – Paul and Brenda

Hi my dear VW-bus-riders! We met you some weeks ago in Beaufort, SC. Maybe you remember. In the meantime we unfortunately have finished our trip through North and South Carolina, including Savannah. As we promised, I send my keynotes to you. Whenever you plan visiting Vienna let me know. We would be pleased to welcome you in our lovely city! – Joseph, Catherine, Elisabeth, Paula and Stefan from Vienna

Safe travels to you two… Keep spreading that sunshine…I will never forget the two of you and that bus! – Angela from South Carolina