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A good friend of ours showed us this funny video of a comedian taking a look at our calendar and the revisions it could undergo. It made us laugh and it made us look at our days, months and years a little differently. Much of the yearly calendar that we adopted...See the full post


There are many phenomenona in this world that great minds and scientists have yet to fully understand, like the placebo effect, which occurs when the human brain believes something enough to produce the desired outcome. For example, a patient can be prescribed a...See the full post


Pippi Longstocking (also known as Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking) is a fictional character, who was dreamed up in the 1940’s by Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren. Her stories of Pippi have been loved by...See the full post


What comes out of us can show us a lot about what’s going on inside of us. The form, texture, firmness and color of our poop all have a tale to tell and we can easily find out if our bodies are correctly digesting food (or not), by checking in on our poo. The...See the full post


Body language is a form of nonverbal communication. Without words, animals and people use conscious and unconscious gestures to convey information. Facial expressions, slight movements, tone of voice and shifting our energy can intentionally and unintentionally relay...See the full post


While on our winter adventure in Colorado, we experienced a very odd week, where a handful of people lost their lives in different ways. We were reminded that life is happening now and it can come to a close at any time. We both agreed that we can do a better job at...See the full post


A man we met in Colorado said that back in the day, police officers were your friends. You’d stroll around town and they’d wave to you with a smile on their faces. They carried a sense of peace, they were your neighbor and they acted as part of the...See the full post


In nature, animals often use power poses to display dominance and intimidation. Maybe you’ve heard of humans using similar power poses (like hands on the hips) to display strength. Power poses have become a self-help trend to override feelings of insecurity and...See the full post
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