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After being displaced by a hurricane, we jumped in our 1978 VW bus and traveled the U.S. for 2+ years (coast to coast and back). 🚌 While on the road, we were guided to a 1961 GM bus that we’re converting into a bigger home on wheels!

Bus life has been the best life we’ve ever lived. We have learned to appreciate the little things, focus on what’s really important and enjoy a freedom like no other. Enjoy our Bus Life posts and stories, photos, videos and more!


Our pup Sunday loves Moksha, our VW Bus. So much in fact, we think she’s convinced it’s hers and we humans are simply here to drive her around. It had been in and out of the mechanic shop as we worked on making it bullet proof and each time it returned she...

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Lee (known as “Abuelo” to family) has had quite a life and we have been fortunate to have him as a grandfather, friend and mentor. He was born in 1931 as the youngest in a family of 11 who lived in a small coal-mining town. One day his father left for work...

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Before saying “I Do” in 2010, the two of us agreed to never work separately or at nine to five jobs again. We agreed to put all of our energy into creating a successful self-owned and operated design business and we dreamed of (one day) having a horse in...

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For our third wedding anniversary, we traveled to one of our favorite destinations in the Bahamas. Great Abaco is part of a 120-mile–long chain of islands and is a sailor’s paradise. It’s part of the northern Bahamian islands and there are so many...

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