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Bus Life Skoolie Community - The Lills


Bus Life is a community of worldwide nomads, who usually live, work and/or travel on the road part-time or full-time in their converted bus. Some bus and skoolie owners keep their buses stationary, use them as shops or rent them out as guest spaces.

As the #buslife trend keeps growing, so does the bus life community online. You can find bus lifers on all social media platforms (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) and unlike many communities online, this one is amazing to be part of!


The two of us were displaced by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, so we jumped in our VW bus and took our life and design business on the road. We documented our bus life adventure and shared it on our personal website for 2+ years. We uploaded a couple of YouTube videos, as we traveled cross-country and it wasn’t until just recently, that we dived into the social media world to connect with other like-minded nomads and bus lifers.

Since then, we have connected with so many amazing people who are choosing this lifestyle! Everybody in the community is so supportive, kind and inspiring. We have never experienced such a cool group of people. Seriously.


Like-Minded People Working Together Towards Similar Goals

Everyone we’ve connected with through bus life has a similar goal: to convert and live in a bus, to travel and to live more simply. The people in the community who are new, look up to and learn from the more experienced bus lifers and the pros help the newbies learn how to build a successful bus life. This like-mindedness binds the members together and the good information and good energy that everyone provides one another is priceless.

The Bus Life Community Is Young and Ever-Growing

Nomads and gypsies have been around for a long time. The concept of traveling freely, wherever one may want to go, isn’t new. The hippie era had their van life boom and recreational vehicles have allowed people to enjoy a home on wheels for decades.

In the last few years though, a trend grew into one of the top Google online searches of 2018: Bus Life. A wave of people started converting buses and documenting their projects. They started filming their adventures and sharing the lifestyle. Since then, bus life has grown from a trend into growing a community.

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Turn your new lifestyle into a brand and business that you can take on the road!

One of the most asked questions we get is, how do you make money living and traveling in a bus? The two of us have been brand builders since 2010, digital nomads since 2017 and we we ran our branding & design business on the road from our VW bus for 2+ years. The experience inspired us to convert our big GM bus into a bigger home and design studio on wheels, so that we can continue our lifestyle and continue to help other bus lifers achieve their goals and thrive.