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Body language is a form of nonverbal communication. Without words, animals and people use conscious and unconscious gestures to convey information. Facial expressions, slight movements, tone of voice and shifting our energy can intentionally and unintentionally relay silent messages. Most of us aren’t aware of body language because we are often talking or busy listening to the words we’re hearing.

In nature, animals use an incredible amount of body language to communicate. A group of red deer will make a vote together simply by moving their heads. Humans on the other hand, are different. We rely more on vocal communication and oftentimes, we aren’t aware of the language of our own bodies. We saw a clip of a former president giving a speech in which he consciously or subconsciously was giving the entire population the finger, pressed against his cheek.

By becoming more aware of our body language, we can all communicate better, faster and more clearly. With this understanding, the two of us are practicing being more conscious of our body language, when communicating with each other and out in the world. We are attempting to form a good habit so we can communicate better, put out positive energy and hopefully inspire others to become more aware of their own energy. The two of us have seen great shifts in our life and the lives of the ones closest to us, by reorganizing, going minimal and becoming more mindful of our actions and behaviors, like our body language.

Body Language | Kinesic Communications | Alex Lara Lill | The Lills

Understanding and practicing non-linguistic communication brings us closer on an energetic level and opens up our psyches. An intentional change of energy, a quick squeeze on the arm, a kiss on the head, a wink, a touch on the leg and even just a look, can tell-all. We are learning we can choose to convey strong, kind and peaceful messages to the people around us and each other without saying a word. We can stay grounded, we can choose not to add negativity and we can rewire our brains to stay positive, even when the world around us seems shaky.


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