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by | 2017 | Inspiration, The Lills

We met a very interesting man who made us aware of an odd topic of conversation that is going on around the world. He said people have put together the photos of Earth that NASA has taken over the last few decades and each depiction looks very different. The continents are different sizes, they appear in different locations and the colors vary greatly.

He said, viewers have been keeping their eyes peeled and are pointing out some pretty obvious cover-ups, like the suspension harnesses they are wearing while in supposed zero-gravity. This would mean NASA has been filming a lot of their space experiences using a green screen. Other videos show bubbles in space, floating from the astronauts suits, meaning they may even be filming some of their space experiences in water too. NASA even admits to spending billions of dollars every year on graphics and FX companies to produce fake images of the Earth and space.

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When you ask some people if they think humans made it to the moon, often times they are open enough to say they don’t know. The two of us have never been to the moon or in space, but we do find it strange the flag is waving in the footage they supposedly took on the moon. It could very well have been fake as much so as it could have been real. The man went on to explain that each astronaut or astro-not is part of the Free Masons, a fraternal society, who have worked together and with Hollywood to fool us all.

Most people would have probably left the conversation by now, but we were curious. He went on to explain how there are tons of videos of everyday people and highly educated members of society, all questioning what we have been taught and told. He then asked us if we were ready to go a step further and brought up an even more bizarre concept. Read about it here.