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Different frequencies do and broadcast different things. When it comes to sound and music, there is a specific frequency that happens to repair DNA and has healing properties. In 2010, two researchers used the 528 Hertz frequency to reduce pollution from an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Supposedly, the ocean area came back to life as if by magic. Maybe that is why 528 hz is known as the God/Love frequency. It is part of the 6-tone Solfeggio musical scale and was used by ancient healers, as it is known to conduct transformations and miracles.

528 Hertz Love Frequency | The Lills

We’ve heard musicians are using the 528 Hz to send healing frequencies to their audiences, while a lot of our mainstream music is controlled and tuned into other frequencies that are harmful to the nervous system, health and the soul. There are many other frequencies to get to know, like 7.83 Hz which is a natural radio frequency that represents the natural rhythm in humans, animals and the planet. This frequency resonates in the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum and is precisely why we feel generally better in nature than we do in cities and busy towns. When we spend time outdoors and ground ourselves, we greater the connection and natural frequencies between ourselves and Earth.

Supposedly, the space between the Earth’s surface and the conductive ionosphere (upper atmosphere) acts as a cavity for guiding waves of energy, like lightning and other energetic discharges. Ancient civilizations believed 7.83 Hz was Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat and a German physicist backed it mathematically in 1952.

This specific frequency is said to be in tune with the human brain and is directly affected by it. We read the Russian Space Observing System showed a spike of 8.5 Hz in 2014, which is believed to be the reason why humans feel as though time is speeding up and flying by. The two of us try to combat the fast pace world around us, by resonating at slower frequencies, taking our time and being in the moment. Maybe if everyone slowed down, the Earth would slow back down too. The more we can learn about the natural frequencies within us and on the planet, the more we can get in tune.

When reading up on natural frequencies, we came across an interesting topic. It said the Earth’s electromagnetic field has been weakening. Some Indian groups believe the electromagnetic field was placed over the planet to keep souls entering this physical dimension from remembering their past lives and experiences. They believe, the humans that raise their awareness as the field weakens, will be able to access memory pathways. They believe, the human race can then go from distracted and controlled, to enlightened and free.

Today, humans continue to create and use appliances, radios, phones, computers and devices that produce frequencies and waves we can’t see, but feel in forms of stress and pain. Manmade frequencies interfere with our body’s electromagnetic operating system and the Earth’s. We’re the first humans to experience a world deliberately “out-of-tune” and hope everyone begins to make the changes and choices to help put it back in tune.


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