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On October 16th, the great and powerful Youtube website crashed for various lengths of time worldwide, leaving users in a panic. As the two of us noticed our videos on our website were showing a 505 Internal Error, we jumped on the Youtube website, which displayed a white screen. We did a quick search online and learned that indeed, the site was down. We read that the Philidelphia police department had to put out an anouncement for people to stop calling 911, as they couldn’t do anything about it.

#YouTube Down | October 16, 2018 | The Lills

This was truly a wonderful demonstration of how unreliable technology can be. Over a year ago, the two of us said goodbye to Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest (the only social media communities we were part of). Although hesitant, we gave into YouTube, as we were unable to find another way to stream lenghty videos on our websites.

While on YouTube, we have learned that the website is banning users and shutting down channels that are speaking about topics of great knowledge, empowerment, religion and more (what happened to freedom of speech?). We also learned thousands of videos are, somehow, losing views each day, while others are being favored and put into the spotlight. It doesn’t surprise us that the powers that be would want to control the people’s content, but maybe this monumental crash will wake some people up to the fact that the internet and technology is still young and very vulnerable.

In this digital world, we try to limit the technology in our lives to a computer and a camera. We feel that smart-homes, smart-cars and smart-phones are all putting out harmful wavelengths and are vulnerable to crashing and hacking. For Pete’s sake, we read that some pacemakers are hackable, so what is yet to come?

We may not be able to change where the world is going, but we can choose to limit our reliance upon technology and limit our time online, as the internet, a.i. and technology continue to grow with all of our help. We imagine #YouTubeDown is just the beginning.


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