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Global food waste is on the rise and recent studies show, Americans are throwing away 30-40% of their food, which is all sent to landfills. We’ll never forget walking into a big corporate grocery store, watching the employees take a shelf full of rotisserie chickens and throw them into a big trash bag. We asked, “are all of those chickens really being thrown out?” and “does this happen every day?”. The answer to both questions was “Yes”.

American Food Waste | Garbage Trash Landfills Pollution | Image by The Lills

Even in New York City, we remember going into a deli and watched an employee take everything that wasn’t sold that day and chuck it into the garbage. They told us they weren’t allowed to give it away. Meanwhile, we’ve heard upwards of 31 million tons of food is thrown out and put in landfills each year. Perfectly good food is going to waste and at the same time people are starving all over the planet. Remember, half the world’s population is living on fifty cents to a dollar a day. In order for that to change, we must become less reliant on convenience, more proactive and make better choices that create beautiful shifts in our reality.

Supposedly new programs are being put in place to address these issues, but we feel it’s important to spread the word and share the info so people can start personally making changes as well. The two of us mostly eat and cook out of the bus or at the homes/inns we stay at. We do our best to utilize all of the food we gather, even the scraps. If everyone, meaning businesses and people, get on the non-food waste wagon, we can all expect a much brighter future.