Did you know by eating tomatoes, you can naturally protect your skin from the sun? Lycopene, which tomatoes are full of, fights aging, shrinks pores and de-greases skin. Applying tomato straight to the skin regularly, shows a decrease in pore size. It naturally leaves our faces feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There’s really no need to buy expensive beauty products when Earth has provided so many natural solutions.

Homemade Tomato Mask | Brighten Skin Toner | The Lills Food

We like to blend a half a table spoon of lemon juice and a half of the inside of a tomato as a mask to brighten our skin and fight oil. It can be used to fade scars and as a natural toner. Sometimes we even add a few drops of olive oil to moisturize. We add a tablespoon of honey, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, to brighten our skin and prevent breakouts as well. When we need to wake up our cells we combine a half an inside of a tomato with a third of the inside of a cucumber to nourish and soothe our faces. If you’re looking to exfoliate, add a sprinkle of epsom salt to your tomato mixture. Even cutting a tomato in half and applying it directly to the skin does wonders. There are so many different ways to enjoy homemade tomato masks, the list goes on and on.