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Quantum mechanics has proven again and again that observation affects reality. All matter exhibits both wavelength properties (non-physical waves) and particle properties (physical matter), meaning, something may look solid, but it can also be made up of moving wavelengths. The most bizarre thing is, when attempting to observe particles, they can actually shape-shift between matter and wavelengths. This continues to puzzle physicists and philosophers to today.

Double Slit Experiment | Observation Changes Our Reality | The Lills

The Weizmann Institute studied the phenomenon by building a device with a barrier containing two openings. The device measured less than one micron in size and the observer in this experiment was a tiny electronic detector capable of detecting passing electrons. That’s right, it’s not just human observation that changes the electrons behavior, it’s any observation.

To perform the experiment, a current of electrons was sent towards the barrier. The electrons entered the slits and met on the other side, resulting in various interference patterns that were measured. As the electric intensity of the detector went up (more observation), the interference of the electrons decreased, meaning the particles remained as particles, instead of converting to waves. As the intensity reduced (less observation), the interference of the electrons increased, creating more waves. The experiment proved that observation collapses the wave function, keeping the particles from shape-shifting into waves.

The Double Slit Experiment is another example of the power of observation, which is easily understood through this video. Enjoy:

Another way to look at it is this: When a school bully is picking on a classmate and all of a sudden a teacher comes around the corner, he realizes he is being observed and therefore, changes his behavior until the teacher is out of sight. Once the observation has left, the bully continues teasing the classmate.

Observation changes everything and the two of us have taken this understanding and used it in our life. Rather than changing our behavior based on who or what is observing us, we are working on maintaining a positive vibration, unchangeable by observation. We understand that it requires practice, but if we can stay balanced, focused and in the now, our energy can be powerful enough to bring the person, people or things into the same wavelength through conversation, self-centering, body language and positive outward projection.

The power of observation shows us there is an alternate reality to our physical world; that we exist in both physical form and in wavelength form. What we can take from these experiments is that the more we observe something, the more dense and physical it becomes. Whether it’s our worries or goals that we focus on, we are solidifying our thoughts into physical reality.


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