by | The Lills, VW Bus

When Hurricane Matthew died down and we received news the electricity was back on in our area, we trekked home. The house didn’t seem too worse for the wear, although a tree fell ridiculously close to it. Once it was inspected, we learned there was more water damage than expected, so we said goodbye to the charming house and moved to another.

The house we moved into thankfully had a garage for Moksha, so that was a big plus. Once the little town of Beaufort returned back to normal, we began planning the next steps of his makeover. Our client, Printology, hooked us up with a branded window perf for the back window in the bus. In a matter of minutes they transformed him into a mobile marketing machine.

Since then, he’s been running like a charm and we’re too excited to work on his cosmetics and get traveling! We’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into him and have had so much fun in the process.

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