by | The Lills, VW Bus

Every 3,000 miles (1,500 if driven hard), we’re supposed to change Moksha’s oil. It’s the life blood of an air/oil cooledVW Bus. We parked him on a flat surface, put a drip pan under the drain plug, open it up and let it roll. Within fifteen minutes he drained. We screwed the drain plug in with a new washer and we took off the oil screen cover, removed the old gasket and gave it all a good clean. We replaced the gaskets and washer. We went about eight or nine foot pounds when tightening the oil screen cover back up. To the left of the drain plug, we unscrewed the oil filter, put some oil in the new filter and around the gasket (so he wouldn’t have a dry start) and hand tightened him back up. Lastly, we filled him up with 3.5 quarts of 20W-50 oil, started him up and drove around the block to get things moving.

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