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We’ve heard a lot about how common grocery store fruits, like strawberries, are often covered in pesticides, genetically modified and look and taste different than what nature intended. We were really able to understand the difference when we visited our local “Pick Your Own” farm. We spent the day in the beautiful fields grabbing perfectly ripe strawberries that all looked different, but tasted equally sweet. All of a sudden a light went on in our minds and we made a vow to invest less in grocery store ingredients and more in fresh-from-the-farm ones.

This season we made a point to get to our local U-Pick Farm and enjoy some of the freshest strawberries you’ll ever taste. The great thing about Dempsey Farms in Beaufort, SC, is that you can pick not just strawberries, but other wonderful seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year too. The truth is, we can taste the difference in the freshly picked food compared to over and under ripe produce from the mainstream grocery store.

We worked with many local farmers when we were living in South Carolina and learned so much about food. Through time we’ve made different choices and benefited from becoming more aware and educated. Learn more about our transition to a whole foods plant-based diet here.