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After visiting family in Arizona, we jumped back in our VW Bus and putted all the way to Sedona. We heard it was known for its stone formations, red rocks and energetic vortexes, but when we arrived, we couldn’t believe how absolutely stunning it was.

The Lills | Sedona Arizona | VW Bus

Sedona has at least 300 miles of trails, so we made sure to take some hikes with our dog, Sunday, and our cat, Scotia. The red rocks were gorgeous, the weather was perfect and the light made it all glow. We hiked the Summit Trail and enjoyed enchanting views. The wind wrapped around us and everything felt right in the world.

Before continuing on, we met two fellows who were very excited to be visiting the area. They mentioned that there are energetic vortexes located all over Sedona. They pointed out the Juniper trees and showed us how they all were oddly twisted due to the vortex energy. Supposedly, there are some vortexes that are so strong, people can drive their cars uphill without having to use the gas pedal. We got back in the bus and hoped we wouldn’t run into any mystical vehicle issues.

That evening, we had zero plans regarding where to take shelter for the night and the nearby hotel rates were steep. We learned there is no camping within Sedona city limits, which was surprising. There were designated campgrounds right outside Sedona, but they were all full. After driving around for quite some time, the sun began to set, so we checked out a little camp type area right off a scenic road. A church group had reserved the whole spot and invited us right in, free of charge, which was so nice of them. We parked our VW bus, Moksha, and had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, we woke up before the sun rose and headed to Cathedral Rock. All four of us took the nice walk up. Scotia loved getting to climb and walk on the leash, while Sunday enjoyed leading our pack. Once we made it halfway, we stopped and realized we were in wonderland. The views were simply unforgettable and we left feeling moved by the experience.

Sedona AZ Travel Ideas | The Lills

A friendly guy in town suggested we go see Chapel of the Holy Cross, so we gave it a whirl. We drove up and up until we made it to the entrance. Then we walked up and up until we were at the top. It was pretty impressive to see a structure of that size suspended on the mountain side at that height. We also visited Bell Rock (another stunning stone structure in Sedona) and Slide Rock State Park.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in downtown Sedona. We strolled the sidewalk, popped in a few fun shops and enjoyed a lovely three course treat day lunch at Saltrock Southwest Kitchen. Scotia and Sunday even got to sit out on the patio with us. We think they both liked Sedona very much.

The Lills | Alex Lill Lara Lill | Travel Sedona Arizona

The two of us agree, Sedona is a special place. The red rocks are super unique, the air is very clean and there is so much to do, explore and discover. See what happens next on our cross-country adventure here!


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