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After a full day of exploring Dallas, we jumped on the highway and headed out of the city. Once the skyscrapers disappeared into the background, we exited off to find internet and complete some design work. When we began to drive away, one of the hoses blew off the carburetor of our VW bus. We rolled back into a parking spot and secured the hose with some emergency clamps.

About mid-day, we got back on the road and the landscape became flat, open and vast. We felt like we were in the middle of nowhere and it was freeing. Then came the oil rigs. There were so many along the highway. Hours went by and we finally crossed the border into New Mexico. We saw a blood moon and wild hares running out into the open fields. Their ears were as long as their bodies.

By nightfall we made it a great distance from Dallas, Texas. We stopped at a gas station to figure out where we were going to stay the night. That’s when we met a very cool woman, who was driving a big fourteen wheeler carrying milk. She recommended either staying in a small town nearby or continuing on to Roswell.

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Roswell was only 60 miles away, so we kept on moving. We made it there at around 3am and couldn’t find a place to park for the rest of the night. We had been awake and driving all day and all night long, so we decided it was best to take a treat stay. When we went by a hotel to see about a room, we were beyond surprised to find out that we had landed in Roswell the weekend of their annual UFO Festival. What are the odds? In any case, we were so lucky to get the last room available.

The next morning, we had a treat day meal at a really funky and UFO-themed restaurant called Farley’s. They had alien, sci-fi and space items all over the interior, including a spaceship hanging from the ceiling. We enjoyed a big salad, split a treat pizza and headed over to the UFO festival.

Part of Main Street in Roswell was closed off for the event and people from around the world attended. There was tons of fair food and vendors, like one who had an incredible variety of stones, crystals and energetic pendants. There were performers, people dressed up like aliens and when the sun came down, they put on a light show parade where all of the floats and people were dressed in lights.

When the parade was coming to an end, out of nowhere, a guy ran over to us and told us a humongous storm was headed straight for Roswell. We decided it was best to get us, our dog and kitten out sooner than later. We got in our VW bus and had plans to leave Roswell, but it turned out the storm was too big to challenge. We parked safely and slept until around 2am. When the storm had passed, we went by a gas station to get organized, before heading to our next destination. We asked a kind gentleman who pulled up to the station if there were many other stations ahead and his response was “You better fill up here”. Thank goodness we did because they were it for around a hundred miles.

We got to talking with the cashier after we gassed up. He told us when the UFO crash of 1947 occurred in Roswell, people in town didn’t talk about it much. It was more of a “hush hush” thing. He said it wasn’t until the television show X-Files aired and became popular that Roswell was put on the map as a tourist destination. Supposedly, the town grabbed on to the new traffic and began to accept and capitalize on the alien theme.

When it comes to the Roswell UFO incident, the story goes that eye-witnesses mistook a weather balloon crash for a UFO crash. Many believe otherwise and there are plenty of conspiracy theories on the subject. We were told that in town, locals watched the area get swarmed by officials who removed debris, alien bodies and covered the whole thing up. We read that a team of researchers interviewed a few hundred people connected to the event and they concluded the UFO incident did actually occur. Who knows.

While in town, there was a layer of enthusiasts who were just digging on the alien concept and vibe, for fun. There was also a layer of clear believers. We met two writers who took the subject seriously and spoke about information that was pretty “out there” for most people. We understood most of what they said.

There is a concept that there are many planets and many interconnected species in our reality, universe and space-time. We’ve heard about species like Lyrans, Sirians, Atlanteans, the Greys, Reptilians, hybrids and boy, does the list go on. Even an official member of the English government is speaking openly about interacting with other intelligent beings. He’s stated humans and other extraterrestrials have been in cahoots throughout the history of man.

Some people believe one or more of the alien species are helping achieve and maintain a situation, where humans view themselves as limited, fatalistic beings who have no control over their own destinies. That way, people continue to submit and manpower can continue to be used to complete tasks, like going after the planet’s resources, building the grid and so on. As long as we keep ignoring the fact that we’re energetic beings, the cycle will continue to repeat itself. It is an interesting idea for sure.

Whether the concept is true or not, we cannot say. We just wish the human race was a more peaceful and cohesive one. We wish those who lead us would build infrastructures where everyone had clean water, food, shelter and where everyone worked together and worked with nature, instead of against it.

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The two of us will never forget our accidental weekend in Roswell, New Mexico. The energy there was heavy and the UFO festival drew a unique crowd. Area 51 was somewhere near Roswell or underneath Roswell, but we didn’t go looking for it. What was on the surface and in town gave us enough to work with and ponder about on the drive ahead. We soon made it to our sixth destination on our cross-country trip, which lifted our spirits and touched our hearts. See what happens next on our cross-country adventure here!


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