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When the two of us said “I Do” in 2010, we were not only agreeing to spend this life together, but we also decided we would change our lifestyle drastically, for intended drastic results. We got rid of all of our belongings, started a design business and started our married life in a new small town with nothing to our name.

We didn’t know anyone, but we made use of our time and learned how to get by. We ate rice and beans for a year to get started and relearned what it means to appreciate the little things in life. We realized that if we wanted to get off of the ground with no financial assistance, we’d have to minimize our spending, focus our time wisely, prioritize, sacrifice and build our dream: a simple life with big adventures!

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We understood we only have a certain amount of energy to give each day, so we couldn’t afford to waste time hanging out or entertaining ourselves with media. We couldn’t afford to go to restaurants, buy new things or do anything, but work diligently and apply our energy to the right areas of our life.

We shifted our focus to the things that mattered most: our design work, food, photography, inspiration, style, traveling, our VW bus, spending time with family and doing all of it together. We said goodbye to most everything else and poof, we had an abundance of time and energy to strengthen our chosen areas of life.

Once we practiced this method of simplifying and organizing life, we got into a rhythm and the process became like a heart beat. We could see the more we focused on these areas of our life that mattered most to us, the better and more fulfilled they became. We’ve never lived more simply or satisfied before and recommend everyone prioritize and reorganize life. It’s honestly so simple, straight-forward and fool-proof, plus the more seriously it is taken, the more seriously it works.