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Hunting Island State Park is one of the most beloved parks and beaches in SC. The barrier island is 5,000 acres long and due to erosion, has a very unique and picturesque beach with the tree line right on the sand. People love to camp at Hunting Island and many people come to enjoy the only lighthouse in the state that is open to the public. We’ve been going to the beach since we married in Beaufort in 2010 and get to know it a little bit better each time we visit.

Hunting Island State Park | The Lills Travel | Alex & Lara Lill

Another great memory at Hunting Island State Park was for Valentine’s Day in 2014. We brought our VW bus to a beautiful area in the park, put up celebration balloons, enjoyed s’mores and a romantic sunset in the park. Hunting Island is perfect for celebrating occasions, enjoying the beach, camping, visiting the lighthouse and being in nature.

Valentine's Day VW Bus | The Lills

Hurricane Matthew hit Hunting Island pretty hard in 2016. The park was closed, has been restored and is still an amazing place to enjoy. If you’re ever visiting Savannah, Georgia or Charleston or Beaufort, SC, Hunting Island State Park is a must-see. It attracts over a million visitors a year and the historic lighthouse is the only one you can walk up in the state.

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