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What are the odds that the two of us would be born in the same hospital in Texas, leave the state around the same time and meet in Connecticut when we were 19 and 22 years of age? We’re not sure, but we find it pretty amazing that we both entered planet Earth at the exact same location. Neither of us have any memories of Dallas, but we always wanted to check it out.

Funny enough, Tropical Storm Cindy pushed us out of Natchez, Mississippi on our cross-country adventure and put us in a position to pass straight through our birthplace. We drove through Texas and found a home to stay at, just outside of Dallas. We spent a few days getting work done, reorganizing our VW bus and reenergizing, then took a day to explore the city.

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We always thought Dallas would be full of cowboys, but we were wrong. We didn’t see one pair of cowboy boots or any cowboy hats. The city of Dallas was as modern as they come. It had really impressive skyscrapers and it wasn’t very crowded. There were not tons of things to do that interested us, but we enjoyed a bite of food downtown, we had a nice walk in the park and we took a drive to the Truck Yard (a really cool food truck gathering place).

We never did find the hospital where we were both born. Maybe it was bought or renamed. In any case, it was a gift to visit our birthplace together and we now have a memory of Dallas. We had a blast exploring the area and kept moving West. As we drove on, the environment changed and we finally felt the Texas we were looking for. Where we ended up next was a bit on accident, but clearly meant to be. See what happens next on our cross-country adventure here!