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Everyone is very aware of their physical body, which is why humans tend to focus more on their outside appearance than their inner selves. The thing is, if humans realized the importance of their inner subtle energy systems, the world would be a much more enlightened and peaceful place.

We aren’t taught it in school, but everyone should know they are an energetic being and that your energy extends beyond the physical body. Some refer to this as the human aura.

Aura: The consciousness of the soul, independent of the physical body in which it resides.

Each of us are made up of layers of vibrating energy, making us electromagnetic beings. To the naked eye, we may look like we are solid, but in fact, our physical bodies are vibrating and moving at all times. Even objects, like a pencil or a boulder, are made up of vibratory energy particles. Everything in the physical universe is moving energy, so it’s important to focus on the energy within.

Beyond our physical bodies, we all have an aura energy field of electrical impulses or interconnected energetic subtle body layers that work together, along with our chakras, to make a complete system. Each energetic subtle body layer connects to the physical body through a chakra energy point.

The energy field has been defined as an electromagnetic field of energy that extends completely around the body three to four feet. Each layer vibrates at a frequency and has a purpose. When the balance of the bioelectric field is disrupted, the life energy can be harmed. When someone gets sick, their field can literally weaken and when death occurs, the field dissipates completely.

The Human Aura | Energetic Field | Layers of the Subtle Bodies | The Lills

The first subtle body layer is considered our Etheric Body, which bridges our physical lower bodies to our higher bodies. This subtle body layer is linked to the base root chakra.

The Emotional Body comes next. When we experience something in our physical reality, our emotional consciousness analyzes and triggers energetic or emotional feelings. This subtle body is linked to the sacral chakra.

The third subtle body is the Mental Body and it’s a very important one. Basically, our thoughts are vibrations that extend beyond our mental bodies as energy. Our thoughts, along with the power of our emotions, allow us to be creators on the physical plane. We all can learn the difference between choosing consciously or unconsciously. The Lower Mental Body is linked to the solar plexus chakra and the Higher Mental Body is linked to the heart chakra.

The Astral Body is the fourth subtle body and it holds the spirit or soul. The Astral Body is connected to the Astral Plane, just like our physical bodies are connected to the Physical Plane. The Astral Plane operates at a higher vibration. When we sleep and have dreams, we are experiencing the Astral Plane. Many people are finding out and learning it is possible to become fully conscious while in the Astral World, using techniques of Astral Projection or Astral Travel, where one opens their pineal gland and travels consciously out of the body in the etheric world and physical world. People who have Out Of Body Experiences describe they consciously left the physical body and traveled in their Astral Body to higher realms in the Astral Plane. The Astral body is linked to the heart chakra.

The Etheric Template Body is the fifth subtle body and acts as an energetic map. It supposedly contains meridian lines and acupuncture points that create a web of energy, which helps to maintain the health of our physical bodies. The Etheric Template Body can be weakened due to depression, poor diet, lifestyle, genes, radio/internet/phone signals, karmic patterns and more. It is supposedly the template that exists before the physical body is formed and is linked to the throat chakra.

The Celestial Body is the next subtle body. It is an energetic layer of divine love, bliss, ecstasy and an overwhelming feeling of interconnectedness. Those who work on this layer and raise their energy, find it becomes natural to feel love for everything, vibrate positively and attract positive things into their field. This subtle body layer is linked to the third eye root chakra.

The final subtle body is the Casual Body, which vibrates energetically at a very high frequency. It is where the soul communicates with the conscious mind through the subconscious mind in the mental body. The Casual body is linked to the crown chakra.

Today, technologies are being created to take a closer look at the electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues and organisms. More and more people are beginning to value themselves and others not by what they have or what they look like, but instead by the energy they carry and their good doings. The more we understand we are energetic and connected beings, the more we can move away from materialism, egotism and competition and move toward environmentally friendly practices, self-realization, teamwork and peace on Earth.


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