by | Inspiration, The Lills

Did you know that various cultures used to send women with their periods to teepees or huts to rejuvenate and purify during their menstrual cycles? Various cultures celebrated and nurtured this phase and yet today, girls get basically zero info, are handed pads/tampons and told to deal with it.

The Lills TeePee Time

The thing is, we’ve been together since 2005 and every single month the dreaded period rolls around, we are flabbergasted that something hasn’t been put in place for women during this time. If you can imagine pain the equivalent of being stabbed and a similar amount of blood loss, how can we expect women to operate properly? It’s like being shot and telling the person to go to work.

Girls and women get PMS and the result can be terrible mood swings, bitchiness and a loss of energy from being in pain. No one knows they are suffering, which is the major problem. In our opinion, women should not only have the right to maternity leave, but should be granted time each month for menstrual leave.

If you think about it, if men got periods, something would definitely be in place to take care of them during this time. Women are way stronger than they get credit for. Because men are taught to stay away from periods and not become comfortable with this super duper important cycle, it seems as though they have no clue what women are going through, let alone care.

We could wait forever, but instead decided to take things into our own hands. We coined this cycle “teepee time”, which to us means time for comfort, nurturing, massages, sexual relief and foods that help menstrual pain. Because we live and work together 24-7/365, we have the luxury to stick to our “teepee time” and hope every woman makes an effort to demand time for relief, comfort, and understanding during this time.