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Studies are showing, sugar lights up the same part of the brain as drugs, like cocaine. Human brains are designed to complete tasks for survival, like eating. When we eat, dopamine is created in the brain and it signals the pleasure or reward areas, so we keep eating and stay alive.

When we eat sugar, dopamine overwhelms and overstimulates the brain and pleasure areas. If it is given sugar constantly over long periods of time, supposedly, a person can become addicted. The brain then needs even more sugar to produce dopamine. This they say can lead to cravings, addiction, behavioral symptoms, like states of depression and weight gain. Today, people are even being treated for sugar addiction.

Sugar Lights Up Same Part Of The Brain As Cocaine | Inspiration

We read how cocaine floods the brain with dopamine and makes the brain want and need more of the substance. We both ate so much sugar and candy growing up. We wish our parents had known. Who can blame them? Sugar is a staple in the American diet. It’s in clear sight in breakfast cereals, snacks and soda and is hidden in sauces, juices and health bars. Modern day sugar is literally taking over human brains and the natural design of dopamine production, meant to keep us eating (natural food) and keep us alive.

We remember watching a documentary that spoke about the countries where we won’t find access to sugary food and drinks. It explained people who grew up not eating sugar had much better teeth throughout their lives compared to those who grew up eating sugar regularly. We imagine the body wasn’t designed to eat man-made food and it’s probably smarter to stick to a plant-based, whole food diet.

Unfortunately, just like drug addiction, people eat the junk even though they know it’s not good for them. We did, until we were motivated to change our ways.

The two of us experimented by saying goodbye to refined sugar and it wasn’t long until we started to feel the withdrawl. We substituted our sugary snacks for natural sugars like fruit, organic cane sugar and natural rock candy. After a few weeks it became clear to us how much better our minds felt with little to no refined sugar in our diet. It allowed us to experience a different kind of high, so we continue to steer clear of refined sugar, especially now that we know how powerful it is.