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Life changed drastically the moment we decided to deny 9-5 jobs and began making the sacrifices needed to start our own business. All of sudden, we weren’t moved by anyone but ourselves and our clients. We didn’t have fellow employees or a boss to deal with, just each other. The effort we put into our own business was immediately more satisfying than selling ourselves short at a nine to five.

People thought we were a little out there, donating our belongings, downsizing, restructuring and reorganizing our life, but we discovered so much in the process. We realized by simplifying and not separating life and work, they became one in the same. Our life is our work and our work is our life = lifework.

We’ve had deep conversations with people along the way regarding startups. We recommend those unhappy with their jobs, start a small business on the side. That way, when you go work for the man, you can always be brainstorming ideas and use personal time to build the business. We helped a friend of ours start up a business with a simple website, marketing material and clear brand, while she was working for a company. In a few months time, she was rocking and rolling, out on her own, enjoying the benefits of working for one’s self.

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Being creatives, we get asked by other artistic people how we were able to make a business out of our talents. It wasn’t easy, but the idea is simple: start. We’ve inspired others to pick up cameras, get creative and make a living out of what they love to do. We believe if more people were inspired to create small businesses, we’d be able to buy and sell person to person more often and choose less cheaply made products from big corporations and overseas, lowering our carbon footprint and spreading the wealth.