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Have you ever heard of a star seed? It is the name given to those who carry light, good energy and are on the planet to help raise the vibration and enlighten the humans. Some of them don’t even know they’re doing it, but anytime we can converse, inspire and show love towards our fellow man (rather than judging the book by the cover) we are doing “light work”. Kind of like Star Wars, there truly is a light side and a dark side. Humans tend to vibrate in a grey area, meaning most of the people are good, but they hold negativity, act on harmful impulses and enable bad behavior. We can all choose for our first job on the planet to be a star seed, spread light and be good examples for the light. If we don’t make this choice as individuals, families, friends and strangers, we are delaying our peace and happiness. Since heading out on our adventure, we’ve encountered many star seeds! Each meeting felt entirely meant to be.

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When we left South Carolina, we drove through Georgia, got into Alabama and stopped in the town of Heflin to catch some sleep before heading up the mountain. At around 2am we parked our bus in a safe and legal parking lot, not expecting a visitor to enlighten us in the early morning. A 28 year old man (who seemed to live a 1,000 lives), by the name of Eric, approached us with friendly conversation. You wouldn’t know by looking at him, but he carried a philosophy and energy that correlated with everything we’ve been writing about on He mentioned state of mind, self help, channeling emotions, the value of true love, forgiveness, importance of the happiness of the people around him and that his newfound path was 100% because of his three children. He said that he had been brought up tough, had been through some pretty insane obstacles, had been on his own since 15, made mistakes and learned that it didn’t matter who we was then, because it led him to who he is now. He knows his greatest mark on this planet would be to share his insight and energy with his children, raise them with love and that they will carry his story onward, which is his form of immortality. We couldn’t agree more that one of the greatest things a person can do is touch the people around them and let them carry the energy and continue to pass it on. Material, possessions and money just aren’t as important to all of us as focusing on the energy we hold and share.

We said our goodbyes, woke up, spent time in the mountains and returned to the very same parking lot the next day to get ready to head to Louisiana. Funny enough, this time we were approached by a lovely woman, by the name of Pat, who was ecstatic about us and our VW bus, Moksha. She lived in a time when there were just small town stores and family-owned businesses in her area. She said she worked at a small local drug store when she was 17 and was courted by a gentleman who agreed to wait until she was 18 to ask her out. They married that same year and were together for 50+ years. Her husband passed away a few years ago, but she was still clearly in love. She also agreed, material possessions and money are not something you can take with you after the life experience. She said “Money can make you more comfortable, but not necessarily happy” and she joked, “You don’t ever see a hearst pulling a U-Haul”. It was her new dream to sell her home, downsize, go minimal and pick up a VW bus of her own! We hope that in our older age, we have as much love and wisdom as Pat.

At the same location, we met a third star seed, if you can believe it. She has a start-up company completely focused on creating beauty, health and skincare products for women, hoping to make them aware that most all of the beauty lines carry products that are downright bad for the human body. She mentioned items from top companies, like Chanel, are filled with animal byproducts and harmful chemicals. It is her aim to make women aware and offer products that are made from all-organic, vegan and plant-based sources. In her own way, she is spreading light and awareness.

While getting gas at a station on our trip, we got into a friendly conversation with the nicest couple. They said they had been gifted with great fortune recently (38 million to be exact) and most suprisingly, plan to give the majority of it away to good causes. In their own words, “God shovels it out and we spoon it out”. They handed us a twenty dollar bill and although we tried not to accept, we eventually gave into the the beautiful gift from our new friends. We couldn’t believe it when they handed us another twenty dollar bill on the way out. Like us, they know that each time they give good energy, they receive it back in other forms. We usually find ourselves to be the ones giving, but it was wonderful to be on the other side. They really were star seeds and we hope more and more people start to see the incredible and simple formula that is carrying light on the planet.

If we had judged, made a face or turned our backs to any of these star seeds, we would have really missed out, so keep an eye out for those in need of light and those delivering it. Open your heart to everyone, no matter their age, background, looks, job or income. There is something we can learn from each person and the exchange of good energy is our favorite transaction!


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