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We’re excited to introduce Soul’s Life Adventure, a series. Our main character is a soul named Soul and he’s about to go on an adventure called life. He has his own perspective, he does his research and he’s not afraid to question things, learn, find solutions and come from a positive place. He’s all about spreading good info and growing as a soul.

In Part One, Soul has just taken form and is wondering what on Earth is going on with Earth? He’s just arrived and it looks as though the little green and blue planet is covered with layers of man-made nonsense. Animals are endangered and going extinct, pollution production is non-stop and it doesn’t look like anything is being done about it. Everybody is rushing around mostly helping the problem. How were humans manipulated to create such destruction? What happened and more importantly, how do we fix it? Enjoy Soul’s Life Adventure Part One!

Soul's Life Adventure Cartoon | Part One | What Happened To Earth? | The Lills Create

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