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The two of us love sleeping and taking naps together, but only recently have we looked into the positions in which we sleep. The way we sleep can have an effect on our bodies, our health and the way we feel when we wake each day, so it’s important to choose the right one.

Supposedly, the most common sleep position is the fetal position (knees drawn up to the torso). It is the same position babies are in while in the womb, which might be why it is a fan-favorite. Unfortunately, this position is not great for the back and sleeping on the left side can put stress on the liver, lungs and stomach. To relieve stress on the hips, put a pillow between the knees.

Sleeping on our side can be comfy and help keep airways open for breathing, but again, sleeping on the left side can stress the liver, lungs and stomach. Sleeping on one side too long can also cause back and nerve issues, as well as wrinkles from the face pushing into a pillow every night.

Sleeping on our back or sleeping in the soldier position (on the back, arms to the side) helps keep back alignment straight. There is no pressure on the neck, back or spine in this position and it is supposed to distribute body weight more evenly too. Putting a pillow under the knees is recommended to help maintain the curve of the lower back. It is not great for those who suffer from sleep apnea or snoring.

For people suffering from back pain, the log position (lie straight on the right side with arms down) can help keep the spine straight. This position can also stress joints and nerves, so it is recommended to use a pillow at the side or a body pillow.

Sleeping on the stomach is a big no no because it can cause back pain and strain to breathing. It puts pressure on muscles, joints and nerves too. This position is not recommended, unless you suffer from snoring.

The starfish position (arms up and out) is similar to sleeping on our backs or in the soldier position. It is good for keeping the spine straight, but it is not great for snorers or those who suffer from sleep apnea.

The free fall position (on the stomach, arms wrapped around a pillow) can help keep the spine straight, but it can put major stress on joints, nerves and muscles.

For those who share the bed at night with a partner, the classic spoon position is a good one. It keeps pressure off of both our spines and pillows can be put between the knees to keep the hips aligned. Sleeping facing right keeps pressure off of both our livers, lungs and stomachs.

Another great position we enjoy as a couple is the excalibur position, where one person is on their back and the other is on their side facing them. Both people can use a pillow if desired.

Sleeping Positions | Couples | Alex Lill Lara Lill | The Lills

When we both sleep on our backs, we can keep our spines straight and still keep close contact with our hands and feet. All in all, what matters most to us is being together, being comfortable and having great nights full of great sleep.

If you want to go a step further, look into Vastu Shastra. Indian Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice that enhances life using principles of energy, measurement and spatial geometry. It’s all about eliminating negative energy from a space. The words “Vastu Shastra” translate to “science of architecture”. Most Indians don’t sleep with their heads pointed North because it is said that the North Poles of the body and Earth repel each other, which affects blood circulation and causes stress. South, East and West are all considered acceptable directions to point while sleeping at night.


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