by | Inspiration, The Lills

Have you ever heard of a shrimp plant? We hadn’t! That’s the sort of thing we learn by going to Farmers Markets and local farms. We planted the shrimp plant in healthy compost and dirt and watched it thrive. The plant is native to Mexico, so we were pleased to see it doing so well in the Lowcountry.

Every time a person noticed the shrimp plant, they too were surprised they hadn’t seen one before. We much prefer picking unique plants, as they become a learning experience for everyone. Add a shrimp plant to your garden and you’ll see what we mean!

They come in all sorts of colors, are quite easy to care for and the butterflies adore them! Shrimp plants are happy indoors or out. They enjoy being watered only a few times a week and ours was happy with a bit of morning light.