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We did some research and studies have shown the average person literally spends years of their life watching television. The average person spends over a year of their life just flipping through channels and looking for something to watch.

Saying Goodbye To Television | The Lills Inspiration

When we said “I Do” in 2010, we crossed the threshold with nothing but the clothes on our backs. We didn’t have a television and never bought another one. We rarely went to the movies, except for special occasions. When online television and movie streaming websites started to pop up, it took us a long time to get on board. We eventually started using a family member’s Hulu and Netflix account. Over time we started to notice the amount of shows and movies we were watching grow and just recently, we decided to say goodbye to television entirely and movies, for the most part.

Media and commercials certainly do influence people. Rather than spending time outdoors, enjoying quality and family time or using their imagination, it seems as though children are just as glued to screens as adults. The two of us definitely spent tons of time watching television growing up and it’s another reason why we’re ready to use our time more wisely.

We’ve made some major changes to our lifestyle to free up time so we can be even more productive and creative. It’s absolutely amazing experiencing days gone by and not having had to watch one commercial trying to sell us something.

Watching television was a major distraction. Now, when the rare occasion of turning on a movie or show happens, we appreciate it and enjoy it in a very different way. We recommend everyone taking a break from the media and use that time to enjoy life outside of the box.