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Most social media platforms are relationship and behavior databases. They are usually free because it’s not money they’re after, it’s tracking, it’s collecting information, learning human behavior, gathering human data and understanding patterns. With patterns, algorithms can be created and predictions can be made. The user thinks it’s just a fun platform to stay connected and share on, but it’s much more than that.

Saying Goodbye To Social Media | The Lills Inspiration

We decided to close down and say goodbye to our personal social media accounts and since then, have only two accounts for our design business (YouTube and Facebook) and one account for to stream our videos (YouTube). Instead of keeping up with multiple social media platforms, we put all of our energy into creating our own content for our own personal website, where we can better understand ourselves, gather the information that is important to us and share it with whomever may come across it.

To us, it’s not about numbers or how many views we achieve, it’s about spreading love, light and awareness to as many people as we can. We’re also interested in capturing and collecting our experiences, so we can remember them and look back at them in the future. We’re not about making tons of money, becoming famous or accumulating stuff. We’re focused on creating a simple life with big adventures. We hope everyone starts spending less time on social media and begin creating their own websites, where they too can share their experiences, outside of third party platforms.