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Stargazer Sunglasses | The Lills Style | Online Thrift | JewelryStargazer Sunglasses | The Lills Style | Online Thrift | Jewelry



Shade your eyes from the sun and the stars.


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Product Description

We imagine people always refer to those in the spotlight as stars, because they shine so bright. But it turns out astronomer Carl Sagan and others theorized we are all actually made of “star stuff”. Star stuff meaning elements like oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. But you’ll have to look into more to really get the gist.

After learning about the “star stuff”, we came across these amazing sunglasses that we prefer to call starglasses. They are meant for a star or someone in the stars more likely, but you can grab them here on Earth if you’re quick enough!

CONDITION: ThisĀ Stargazer Glasses areĀ in great condition and ready to wear. We’re not sure who designed them, but they are a purplish-magenta color with gold trim.

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