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Bugaloos Lunch Box with Thermos | The Lills Style
Bugaloos Lunch Box with Thermos | The Lills StyleBugaloos Lunch Box with Thermos | The Lills StyleBugaloos Lunch Box with Thermos | The Lills Style





Product Description

The Bugaloos was a seventies America children’s T.V. series about a British rock band made up of four members. They were insect creatures with wings who lived in a place called Tranquil Forest. I.Q. was the lead guitarist and singer. His bandmates were Courage the ladybug, Joy the butterfly and Harmony the bumble bee. The show was produced by brothers Sid and Marty Krofft, thousands of people auditioned for roles and even Phil Collins supposedly tried out for a part.

CONDITION: This rare vintage Bugaloos Metal Lunch Box and matching Thermos, by Aladdin Industries, is in great condition, considering its age. The lunch box has a different image on the front and back and little images around the entire thing. There is general wear, paint loss, scratches, some rubs, minor dings and some oxidation to the lunch box, as it was used and well loved. The handle is in good shape and the thermos has a glass inside and the outside has some scratches, but otherwise is in good shape. 1971 is written on the thermos and the lunch box. The thermos has it’s top and glass insert. The lunch box still has the thermos latch inside.

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